The Impact of Lighting on Your Employees in the Office

Office design tips are always at the top of trending CRE articles – and it’s not hard to see why. In today’s world of business, company culture is top-of-mind for tenants and office property owners. A winning building cultivates productivity while generously addressing employee comfort, health, and wellbeing.

The next time you’re thinking about investing in your office space, don’t run to buy a new couch for the lobby or a new conference table. Instead, make an even bigger impact with lighting.

The Importance of Good Lighting

Lighting is an often underrated aspect of the overall workspace design, but the reality is that lighting makes a big impact on employees at the office. As we all strive to make the transition back into the office as smooth as possible while supporting team members, both office owners and team leaders can benefit from improving their space’s lighting set up.

Lighting makes a tangible impact on employee mood, motivation, and productivity. Studies have demonstrated that spending time in areas with the right lighting can boost vitamin D levels, improve sleep, fight seasonal depression, and cultivate a positive outlook.

On the other hand, fluorescent lighting heightens stress, strains the eyes, and promotes headaches and other unwanted symptoms. In addition to the other health and safety protocols you’re setting up at your office, don’t forget to add lighting to the equation.

Here’s what office owners should consider to enhance their lighting scheme:

Opt for Natural Lighting

The best lighting is natural lighting. Sunlight introduces numerous benefits to the workspace, including increased motivation, energy, and productivity. Office owners and business operators who are closing the blinds aren’t getting the perks that Mr. Sun freely offers.

Access to natural lighting is imperative for the workspace, so consider letting the light in as much as possible. Smart glass is a great and easy way to intuitively let the sun in without compromising privacy and protection.

Create a Lighting Experience

Supporting the office’s natural lighting will help your employees shift from task to task and stay alert and focused.

Install electric task lights above tables and desks to provide a gentle boost of lighting within the workspace’s ambient natural lighting scheme. This will allow team members to reap the benefits of various lighting options while going about their workday.

Place Mirrors in Strategic Locations

Besides making your space appear larger, mirrors can also effectively maximize the natural lighting levels within an office.

Install mirrors in key areas so that they reflect the sunlight entering from windows and bounce it around the office. Place the mirror nearby a window in a location where sun rays regularly land and watch the light spread. Toggle with potential placements to figure out the arrangement that best suits your office’s unique lighting needs. If you want to dim the reflections, look for mirrors with metallic sheens or other light-influencing coatings.

These three easy lighting-centric strategies will help keep your office occupants healthy, happy, and well as we ease back into the office workflows. For more commercial real estate tips and tricks, explore the NAI Global Newslink.