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Corporations today are global and must optimize their supply chain to remain competitive. Once a focus only of larger corporations, the sophisticated, regarding logistics, has increased in the mid-cap and smaller companies. In short, more corporations look at their “spend” overall, and transportation overwhelmingly is driving the location decisions.

A company's transportation spend is on average 10-12 times more than rent. While it is important to be competitive with real estate pricing, a change of $0.05- $0.10 per SF per year is typically minuscule compared to the projected transportation savings of 15%-20% by completing a network study of a corporate supply chain.

With this being the case, we look into the various transportation sectors and determine how to capitalize in real estate, utilizing a transportation perspective tailored for each client.

Our logistics team provides real estate and supply solutions to distribution and warehouse companies whose distribution and cross-dock facilities are critical to their success. Our team concentrates on the global supply chain, transportation capacity, and energy concerns which enable us to position your real estate as a competitive advantage.
Our clients receive dedicated team services with single-point-of-contact accountability so that their needs are thoroughly assessed and understood, and strategic plans are well developed and executed.
Our logistics services include:

  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Real Estate Lease, Purchases or Sale Negotiation
  • Build-to-Suit Analysis and Planning
  • Sale/Leasebacks
  • Real Estate Fair Market Value Analysis
  • Land Assemblages
  • Drayage Analysis and Hours of Service (HOS) Legislation
  • Global Supply Chain Consultation
  • FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) Consulting
  • Incentive Consultation [consider upper case]

Acquisition & Disposition Services

We bring experience from all sectors of business to our owners, and our knowledge of various points of view gives you an advantage starting with site selection and acquisition. And when your project is prime for disposition, we ensure a process of sophisticated financial modeling, underwriting, commercial judgment, and negotiating skills to produce maximum results. >>

Project Leasing

Our leasing philosophy is to address every assignment as though we were the owner and to view those assignments from a focused, strategic angle. Our goal is not just to fill the vacant space in a property, but rather to increase the value of the asset by assessing the owner’s needs and objectives and satisfying those goals. >>

Tenant Representation

Depending on your real estate size requirements, we scale our services to fit your needs. Our unique consultative process offers security and direction from local experts on the ground. We navigate the details of relocation, competitive properties, market data, rate negotiation, and TI options. And we are equipped to help our clients locally or to handle larger issues such as legal and local codes compliance as you expand across state or international lines. >>

Management Services

To maximize an asset’s value for the property’s owner, our property management professionals work in tandem with our industrial brokers. We provide a complete range of management services from transition to day-to-day operations to disposition. >>


Research plays an integral part in near-term decision-making and long-range planning for our clients. Retail trends, port activity, transportation statistics, and industrial market rates are key in understanding the best course of action in your logistics strategy. >>