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Welcome to NAI Long Island’s Commercial Agent Development System. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to create a real estate career that leads to the fulfillment of your personal and professional goals. Over the course of the next six months, you will graduate through six different skill levels, each of them named after a “colored belt.” These belts are akin to the journey of the Martial Artist who dedicates herself to the training, practice, and challenges of earning the black belt which represents the pinnacle of achievement.

I look forward to watching you grow while on your journey through the Black Belt Brokerage system.

The development system provides daily sessions designed with your career in mind, supported by video and audio sessions and PDF support materials.
The implementation is simple, just log in every morning before work and follow the daily curriculum in this order:

• Where video sessions are provided, watch these first.

• Then listen to any audio sessions before downloading them to a mobile device so you can continue to learn on the go.

• Read and download your daily development plan. You are expected to do the work outlined in your daily development plan immediately.

• Read any PDF documents thoroughly before downloading them to the folder on your desktop.

• Once you’ve completed the daily lesson, the next step is to plan your day. Planning is a daily discipline that you must adopt.

Days one to four will have different daily development plans. Every fifth day is a day to wrap up the week and complete any unfinished work. Day five is a fail-safe for you. We expect you to schedule your time daily to complete all the work. It’s imperative that you do not fall behind. You may find the early belt stages to be a bit more challenging, but these will become easier as you progress.

At the end of each week, you complete your personal performance review and weekly checklist and send it to your Weekly Win Partner. As you graduate through the six belt levels at the end of each fourth week, fill out the completion certificate and send it to your Mentor.

The program will give you new material to learn every day. You must act on what you’ve learned to build a successful practice. You are also required to schedule time every day to develop new business for yourself.

This program requires you to manage your accounts and your time effectively—so another necessary discipline to adopt is the daily use of a CRM system (CINC) and calendar (Google Perfect Weekly Schedule.) At the end of each day, take some time to review what you’ve accomplished. Pay attention to what you did well and resolve to continue this course until you attain black belt status.

This program is a foundational requirement for earning your way into the Leads Program. There is no faster or better way for you to become a successful commercial broker than this program. We expect you to keep to the highest standards of performance, and you will periodically be evaluated on your performance by your Mentor and others who are here to help you succeed. We’re confident that you will be excited and happy to develop into a high-functioning commercial real estate practitioner, and we look forward to you having a successful career.

Remember that winning is a habit, and unfortunately, so is losing. We want you to be a part of our winning team. All the resources are before you now. Do you have the work ethic, dedication, and Go-Getter mindset to learn what you need to learn to leverage these resources? We think you do, or you wouldn’t be here.

Again, Welcome!